I am a Licensed Therapist, wife, mom, Millennial Woman and Wellness Warrior.

I help teen girls and and millennial women live well and create a life they love! 
Improving Self Care Practices 

Take a deep dive into your current practices and learn how to incorporate new practices into your daily life. 

Healing from Past Trauma

Understand the complexity of your trauma in order to break-free from generational bondage and live a happier more fulfilling life. 

Building a Confident Self-Image

Learn strategies to discover purpose and love the woman you see in the mirror. Understand how the inner beauty illuminates the outer beauty. 

Are you ready for a transformational experience?

Take your healing and self-love journey to another level by taking advantages of one or many of the services offered to help you heal from emotional hurt and grow gracefully into womanhood. Each of these services are divinely and thoughtfully designed to help you unpack hurt from past and present relationships, learn yourself to love yourself, and gain skills to build authentic relationships that last.