February 1 - February 28

Healing Core Wounds is a healing circle designed to help you uncover and face the painful experiences of your past and heal from them

You will uncover truths about yourself that will allow you to break free from spiritual strongholds and beliefs that were formed by core wounds. 


What is a Core Wound?

A core wound is a an emotional wound inflicted from a painful event or traumatic experience. When your core is wounded, limiting beliefs can and often times do emerge from them. ​

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You've experienced trauma in childhood or as an adult and have not healed from those experiences.

Someone has hurt you and you are having a hard time forgiving them.


You have toxic relationships in which it is hard to set boundaries.


You have a hard time loving yourself because of what other people may have said about you. 

You want to release the shame you hold on to from your past experiences. 

You want to overcome feeling worthless and start feeling worthy.

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Healing is hard and it is necessary. You may have been journeying through life the best way you know how, despite the painful situations you have gone through. You may find yourself using unhealthy coping mechanism and looking for healing in all the wrong places. We have all been there before. I am here to offer you another way. 

This 6 week journey will help you access the tools necessary to learn to heal from the pain of your past. This healing circle integrates a mixed modality of Trauma-Focused CBT and Inner Child Healing work. You will learn how to forgive, trust, and honor yourself in ways that you have always desired. You will be challenged in ways that may feel uncomfortable, and you will triumph over negative thoughts that seek to diminish your value and worth. Join me, to living a life free from the emotional pain that has kept you from loving you in the purest way. 


About the Facilitator

“Healing hurts, and is necessary” is the philosophy that shapes her work. Breah Robinson is a licensed therapist and wellness coach. She helps women grow in confidence by teaching them how to heal from painful experiences and love themselves fully and authentically; without conditions or limits. 

Early in her career, Breah dedicated her life to supporting system-involved and trauma exposed youth through clinical support, college and career counseling, and case management. Her passion for improving the quality of life among Black youth, propelled her success in the field of Social Work, starting her career as a Clinician at the ripe age of 23.


Confronting her own trauma experiences, Breah embarked on a healing journey that changed her life as she healed through self-work. Breah’s desire is that every woman experiences an encounter that helps them discover their own truths by healing past hurts from childhood, relationships, and low self esteem. She is committed to supporting millennial women and teen girls heal and live their truths out loud through self exploration, inner child healing, and holistic wellness. She i trained in Trauma-Focused CBT, Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness for Disordered Eating.

Breah currently is a therapist with Shine Counseling, PLLC. Email breahrobinson@shinecounseling.org or visit www.shinecounseling.org to inquire about therapy services.