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Why Am I At War With Myself? 3 Tips to Stop Planning and Start Doing

I'm a creative person. I find myself in the best mood when I am using my gifts in a purposeful way. For the past week or so I have been extremely tired. Like TIED! I really didn't have much energy or motivation to do much of anything. Sometimes I get distracted with so much that is going on in my head, that I never act on it and it remains either just ideas in my head or plans that never get seen past the inside of the millions of notebooks on my shelf.

Fatigue can often overcome you when you are not living out the purpose God Has for you. So why is it that I have all of these amazing ideas and plans, and I am still sitting on them? The simple answer is fear. Digging a little deeper, I find that I am at war with myself internally. What I mean by this is, I'm fighting over my fear; to do, or not to do. Ultimately, the "not to do" continues to win each. and every. battle. I'm fighting over my failure; what didn't work in the past and what keeps me up at night, what may not work in the future. I'm fighting over my ability; do I really have what it takes to do any of the things I dream about?

While I sit and contemplate the many scenarios in my head, of why I am not ready to do what God has called me to do, someone somewhere is missing out on me. We are not called to everyone. However, we have a responsibility to those we are called to. If we continue to live in fear, the people who God has called us to will remain untouched by what we were predestined and purposed to do in their life. Today in my devotion time, I read Ephesians 4. The first verse reads, "Therefore I, a prisoner for serving the Lord, beg you to lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God." The chapter reads on and my spirit leans into the sixteenth verse, "He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love." You may not feel ready, but your calling is in Christ, who has given you an assignment and will continue to give you the things you need to bring forth fruit from what He has deposited in you. Verse 16 really puts this into perspective. The key word in this passage is grow. You have to actually do the work in order in order for God's vision to expand and grow. After God plants the seed in you, you must prepare it for harvest by doing the work.

We must make sure we are living a purpose-driven life and not a life guided by fear. As you continue to seek God's purpose for your life and his will, understand that there is a season on preparation. Be very careful to know which season you are in. This comes through daily prayer and meditation. Asking God for clarity, understanding, and wisdom to honor Him with what He has entrusted to you. When God says it is time for harvest, know that He has given you all you need to bring forth the fruit that He has planted in you. Here are 3 tips to help you liberate your spirit from fear and do God's work that He has planted in you.

1. Understand the difference in procrastination and qualification. Yes, they are two completely different words and concepts, but they are so closely related. I know I often times find myself making excuses for why I can't do something or why I am not "ready" yet. It always comes down to me not being "qualified enough". "Once I go back to school and finish my Bachelor's degree, I can start my business" or "I need to finish up my license in order to offer this service or program". These are all excuses to roadblock you. Stop believing in qualifications and start believing in YOU. Most importantly, believing in what God has deposited inside of you. Faith has gotten me in way more doors than my degree has.

2. Get "Unstuck" with the planning stage. Here is where many of our passion and hearts work is ignited... and where many of it remains. If you find yourself constantly adjusting your plan (or coming up with new ones without executing the old ones), you may be stuck in the planning stage. If you find yourself here, the best things to do is what you are trying to come out of. WRITE YOUR LAST PLAN. Make that plan your launch plan. Set realistic goals with dates and deadlines. I like to use a task list and put reminders in my phone to complete them. The only way you are going to get out of this stage is by taking that leap of faith and move forward with the vision God has given you. You've done the work. Trust He will continue to make provisions for you.

3. Never cease prayer over the vision God has given you. The growth process is about expanding and enlarging your territory. Harvesting the goods that are ready to be shared, and making room for other things to grow. Continue to ask God for His guidance over the vision He has given you. Meditate daily so that you are able to Hear His voice clearly and operate in His will. If you need a start, you may pray this prayer: "God I thank you for what you have entrusted in me for your people. I ask that everything you sow in me, I may sow into the earth and it produce good fruit. I ask that you remove the fear within me and increase my faith to bring forth what you have given me for your will. To You, I give all Glory and Honor. Amen."

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