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February 1 - February 28

28 Days of Self Love was created to help millennial women discover themselves and love themselves without conditions or limits. 

Through this journey, you will uncover truths about yourself that will allow you to break free from spiritual strongholds of depression, low self esteem, and worthlessness. 

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Learning to love someone is an emotional journey. Learning to love yourself requires that same emotional energy and some. More is required because we often live our lives comparing ourselves to others and being our worst critic. We forgive others much faster than we forgive ourselves. 

This 4 week journey will help you access the tools necessary to learn to love yourself in a true, authentic, and radical way. You will learn how to forgive, trust, and honor yourself in ways that you have always desired. You will be challenged in ways that may feel uncomfortable, and you will triumph over negative thoughts that seek to diminish your value and worth. Join me, to living a life free from the emotional pain that has kept you from loving you in the purest way. 

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February 12th

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Mr. Pope is a reading teacher on the West Side of Chicago who writes music that reflects his experiences as a educator in the struggle for equity and equality. Buried within each song is pain, hope, and love, and the experiences that waken those emotions. His upcoming project titled "Who I Am: A Self Love Project" attempts to encourage young people to be resilient, to love themselves, and to define who they are on their own terms.

As an educator, Mr. Pope urges that students become immersed in positivity to combat negativity. The more students observe positive attitudes, images, and actions, and hear positive tones, responses, and music, the more likely they are to replicate those behaviors. Be A Buddy, Make a Difference is a movement that has emerged from that ideology. 

Who is Mr. Pope?