“Healing hurts, and is necessary” is the philosophy that shapes her work. Breah Robinson is a healing and trauma therapist and wellness coach that believes we all have an inner divinity that holds the truths about ourselves and the life we are destined to live. Our divinity can only be revealed once we discover our truths. Our truths can only be discovered through the discovery of self, which requires healing activation. 

Early in her career, Breah dedicated her life to supporting system-involved and trauma exposed youth through clinical support, college and career counseling, and case management. Her passion for improving the quality of life among Black youth, propelled her success in the field of Social Work, starting her career as a Clinician at the ripe age of 23.


Confronting her own trauma experiences, Breah embarked on a healing journey that changed her life as she healed through self-work. Breah’s desire is that every woman experiences an encounter that helps them discover their own truths by healing past hurts from childhood, relationships, and low self esteem. She is committed to supporting millennial women and teen girls heal and live their truths out loud through self exploration, inner child healing, and holistic wellness. 

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